Another Adam Update

Oh, hurray the snow is melting! We had the joy of finally going outside for a walk yesterday and were completely surprised to see how much snow had melted. We can actually see grass! The boys have had a lot of fun with the snow, though, so I can't really complain too much. We had six snow days (no school) and one holiday (Presidents Day) which gave Russell a mid-winter vacation of 11 straight days at home (including the weekends). It has all been pretty impressive.  

As for Adam's progress, he continues to do well. We are one week away from being finished with the Cyclosporin (anti-rejection medicine). As exciting as that is, it's over-shadowed by the very slim possibility that his GVHD could return. We are hopeful that his new bone marrow has settled in and won't be anxious to start causing problems again, but we'll only know for sure after he is completely off the medicine. 

We also have his six-month bone marrow aspiration coming up in March and it will be a huge relief once that is over and results are back. If I understand it correctly, Adam's risk of relapse peaks at about six months post transplant and then starts to go down from there. So, until then, we continue to move forward, praying this journey is coming to an end.