No News Is Good News, Right?

Adam had a blast at the church activity for the kids. It was a water
service day where the kids were able to help wash cars and have
water fun as well. You can see he is soaking wet. He was in Heaven!!!
Actually, I do have news. Good news at that! I will start with the news we've been waiting for. Adam had his one year post transplant aspiration (yep, that's right, one transplant...can you believe it? I can't...). Anyway, he had his one year post transplant bone marrow aspiration last month and his bone marrow came back clean–100% donor cells!!!! This is beyond great news. Adam's doctor said that though there is still a risk of relapse, it is small compared to what it was during the first year after transplant. He gave us permission to exhale. Which is huge. In many ways, HUGE.

Adam is preparing to go to preschool and is so anxious he can't stand it. It's just another way in which we get to move forward and one more thing we can put between us and his treatment. It's seems very strange to finally be switching focus after we've spent so many months completely and wholly concentrating on getting Adam better. The more time that gets between treatment and us, the more we realize just how consuming it really was.

And not only is Adam preparing to go to preschool, he is also preparing to become a big brother sometime in April. This was unexpected, but thrilling to Adam nonetheless. He has always been aware of, and loved, babies. It will be really fun to watch him with his little brother or sister. When I told him I would have to go to the hospital to have the baby, he became very attentive and reassured me very matter-of-fact, "That's okay, Mom. I'll sleep right next to you. I'll take care of you and baby." It was something I would constantly tell him while he was in the hospital, "It's okay, Adam. I'm right here. I'll sleep right next to you."

There are many issues we still have to deal with, but with the one year post transplant milestone met, and a new addition to our family to anticipate, we're finally feeling some excitement for the future. Hopefully, it will be much less eventful than the last two!
We went to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. It was a lot of fun and the boys wore us out. Here, Adam is peering through
a window over the top of the officers quarters in a ship docked in the harbor. Too much fun!