A Room With A View

Adam has been feeling MUCH better. His appetite has returned with a vengeance and he is also constantly asking to "go for a walk." We bought a weather cover for his stroller which allows him to leave the room (he still won't wear a mask), so we are able to go to the Oncology Playroom where he can get out of the stroller, a.k.a. the bubble, and play like we were in his own room. It's a nice break and a much needed change of scenery for the both of us.
It is clear that he is doing much better then a week ago. That's why it's a bummer our five day break ends tomorrow afternoon. That's when Adam will start the last four doses of chemo for this round. The break was nice while it lasted.
This is a view last night from our hospital window of the sun setting in a mist of humidity. It was a photo opportunity I just couldn't pass up!


Shane's Angie said...

Glad you were able to "get out" with little Adam today. Isn't crazy how many things you take for granted...like leaving the hospital, or going on a walk outdoors, or playing at the park with friends? Well, despite the hardship, I'm sure you are handling everything with your wonderful Janabilities which make you oh so capable of this huge undertaking. You amaze me, and as always, you are a constant in my thoughts, prayers, and fasts. All my love :)

Anonymous said...

Such an adorable boy, as always you are in our prayers!

Love Dad and Mom Pectol

Anonymous said...


Thinking of you always and praying for continued strength and blessings. I love what you have done with the site!! And what an amazing sunset!! Take care and I hope to make it down soon to visit.
Amy Rice