52 Down...48 To Go

Can you believe it? We are actually half way done with our 100 days of isolation and we've almost been home for an entire month. I do have to say, however, that the last for weeks easily rivals Transplant as being the most difficult period of time during Adam's entire treatment, last year included. But, we continue day by day and it seems that we are surviving...barely.

Adam has been progressing very well. His counts have recovered and he is red blood cell and platelet independent (meaning, he doesn't need transfusions). His Graft vs. Host Disease seems to be controlled nicely by the steroids and we are hopeful he won't have to be on those for very long. He has a great deal of energy and a monstrous appetite. We are so thankful that he is doing so well. We are far from being out of the woods, but are so thankful we've been able to come this far without many complications.

All in all, Adam is thriving. He continues to be monitored by his medical team on a weekly basis. Adam looks forward to our trips to the doctor's office. It's usually the only time he gets to go anywhere. Hopefully with the end of isolation, that will all change and he can finally get to explore the world like a three-year-old should!!


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that this will be the happiest Christmas ever! may all go well in the last 50 days!

Lezlie said...

We are still praying, praying! May the holdiays bring much joy and peace. Go Adam, the mighty man!

John and Janet Primm said...

What a wonderful smile!

Imagine the soul that can be as happy as he is after all he's been through...once again, God is proven!

Baltzers said...

I hope the next half of your isolation period flies by!