Now We're Havin' Fun!

Well, it's official. Adam has been put back on Cyclosporin to calm down his GVHD. It's been a real bummer. Not having to take medicine every 12 hours was so nice, but, it was not meant to least not for now. The good news is, Adam's GVHD has responded very well to the meds and it seems to be calming right down. He is not a fan of taking the medication again, and frankly, neither are we. But while being irritated with having to take the meds, we are also very thankful we have them to take, if that makes any sense.

In the meantime, with the warmer weather, we are starting to have some fun. Our family went on a little field trip to the local Rescue Squad. Russell had a great time and Adam, well, he was just in heaven! There were three Ambulances and one Rescue Truck and they were able to get in the cabs and pretend like they were driving. They also got to see the lights flashing and wear the headphones that the first responders use to communicate. They absolutely loved climbing all over the rescue truck and even got to get in a rescue boat! I'm tellin' ya, just too much fun!

After we got home from our visit, Adam ran around the house, twirling circles on his head with his fingers (lights on the firetruck), humming the siren and yelling as he raced by, "Look at me, Mom. I'm fireman Adam. I got to help somebody..." Thank you, Mr. Dan, for sharing your work with us and for taking the time to help create some fantastic memories for our two little boys. We really appreciate it!


GoodReason said...

Such adorable little fellows! May their days be happy and full of saving people from fires!

Susan said...

Yay for firemen! I know we love them at our house. Your boys are looking handsome and so grown up. Can't wait to hug their squishy cheeks.

Charlene said...

Sounds like they had a really fun day. Love the pictures.

John and Janet Primm said...

Great pics and redesign of your site, it is very good!

Even with the trials, this is a wonderous time when you think of last year and the first time he was are in that stage of slloooww progress which is often very difficult to get through. You will, and Adam will and you will have many good times with your lads. Our prayers are with you.