Bad News & Good News

I'll start with the bad news first. We are not going home for a break and are pretty disappointed. There are good things about going home and there are good things about staying. I am desperately trying to keep focused on the good things about staying. First, the sooner we get started on round two, the sooner we will finish. Second, I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to hook Adam up to his meds. It really was a bummer, though, especially because of the fact that he really is in remission. That's the good news. They did another bone marrow aspiration this morning to determine his remission status now that his counts have recovered (the first bone marrow aspiration was done before his counts were good). It came back that he is in remission (<5% blasts). This is also good news as it means there is a much greater chance we won't have to do a third round before we are transfered downtown. That cuts a whole month off of treatment. Tomorrow morning, we will start with a intrathecal (in the spinal cord) dose of chemo and then sometime in the afternoon, we will officially start with round two. *deep breath*


Anonymous said...

Remission! That is super!!! Hang tough . . . our prayers go with you!

Mary A said...

Oh, that is really good news!! Adam is such a trooper. Quadruple prayers go out to you, Mark, Adam and Russell.

Michelle Cox said...

I'm sad you don't get to go home, but yes cutting off a month of treatment would be even better, right??

I'm so happy to hear he is in remission status!!

Anonymous said...

That is good news....yeah! We are sad you don't get to go home but perhaps this will get you home sooner, yes? You all are such troopers. Love you all very much.
The Wests

Anonymous said...

We are glad that there is good news. Every victory provides us with another reason to be thankful.

We miss seeing you as often as we like. Let us know if and when you can be visited at the hospital.

You're always in our thoughts and prayers.

The White Family