Life At The Hospital...In Pictures

Adam and Miss Holly. She's our fantastic Child Life Specialist. She makes our life so much easier.

Riding the Big Wheel in the Atrium.

Mark is showing Adam a really cool Spider Man sticker.

Painting in the Playroom.

Watching a movie.

Looking at the helicopter that just landed on the helipad. Very exciting.

"Tubie" is getting flushed with some Heprin so Adam can be free from his IV for a few minutes.

Watching for more helicopters.

Ummmm. Dinner. Apple juice and a bowl of rice.

Playing "Doctor" in the playroom.

Getting some medicine in "Tubie" from one of the many wonderful nurses we have.

Taking a picture of the helicopter.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little boy! They broke the mold when they made him . . .

Janna said...

Thank you, GoodReason. (I'm assuming you're Valerie?) We are so thankful for both boys. They are teaching us A LOT!

Michelle Cox said...

Thank you for posting all those pictures! It's very touching to see him compliant and peaceful. He has grown so much despite all the trauma his body is going through. He is becoming a strong character!

Jamie said...

What a neat blog! I'm so glad you shared. Your pictures touched my heart & helped me to appreciate even more the health that me & my children enjoy. Life truly is a gift & we need to appreciate it & enjoy each day we are given with our precious little angels! You are in our prayers.

Becca B said...

How wonderful that Mom is a professional photographer. Beautiful pictures.

Hannah said...

These pictures are so sweet. It's touching to see how children will find a way to play and have fun wherever they are. We think and pray for you often!