We're Gettin' Tired

It is day 45 in the hospital and the only way I can describe how we feel is by using the phrase "hitting the wall." I have never had the pleasure of running a marathon, but I am convinced this is what mile 20 must feel like. I woke up this morning and actually had to take a minute to figure out where I was.
On the bright side, Adam is doing well. He is going STIR CRAZY, but you can hardly blame the little two-year old. He hasn't been outside to play for a month and a half. We are very fortunate, however, to have such wonderful nurses and staff who very patiently help entertain him (not to mention giving me and Mark a little reprieve, even if it is only for a few minutes--thank you, ladies!) So, we are just waiting now for his counts to recover. I have heard a little noise from the doctors and it sounds like they are not *planning* on doing a third round. This is the next best thing to my being Adam's donor. However, things can change so we remain cautiously optimistic.


Lisa W said...

hey Janna! I just wanted to let you know that i really enjoy your writing style and the set up of this page...your pictures are amazing...you really do have a talent..ive never seen our hospital captured in such a beautiful light. I am ecstatic that you are a perfect match! Heavenly Father truly has great plans your family!!! Love you guys!

Michelle Cox said...

We'll just be recklessly optimistic for you then!

Love Notes said...

I'm so glad I finally found your blog. Adam has been in my thoughts and prayers ever since I saw you that Sunday at church right before treatments started again. Please let me know what I can do for you. I'm so sorry you guys have to be there so long, but glad to hear that Adam seems to be responding as he should to the various drugs. What a strong, beautiful little boy. He has gotten so big! I hope Russell is doing okay as well. Lots of Love, Tatyana Broughton