It's Comin' Back, Baby!!

Just a quick post to say that Adam's ANC is on the rise. Twenty-seven yesterday, 43 today!!! It's slow, but it's progress! And we also found out that Mark came down with strep throat. Good news since that's treatable with antibiotics.
Other than that, we are sitting here trying to keep up with this little kid. He reminds me of Dash, the little boy who can run extremely fast on "The Incredibles". I am thankful he's feeling so well.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! That's great news.


Anonymous said...

SO SO SO HAppy to hear this!!!! Thinking of you ALWAYS!!

Amy, Keith and Mckenzie

Sheri said...

Hi Janna,
That's wonderful to hear!! I'm with DC Candlelighters - we stopped by your room on Thursday and you gave me Adam's website so I was just checking it out. Very nice! Thanks for sharing it. We'll be keeping Adam and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Please remember that if there is anything at all we can do for you, just let us know. We are checking into the gas card and will get that out to you if you didn't already receive one. Again - anything else, just yell. Website addy is We're also on Facebook - just search DC Candlelighters and become a fan (assuming you use FB). We list upcoming events such as when we'll be at the hospital/clinics with dinners, etc.
Keep up the fight, Adam!! Did you get your letter finished? :-)
Take care!!
Sheri Schaffer

lbleong said...

That is great news! I am constantly praying for you and your family. Thank you so much for the constant updates. I really appreciate them.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear this bit of good new!!! We'll keep your family in our prayers. Thanks for the updates.
-Carrie Ramsey

Cindy Davis said...

It was so good to talk with you the other day and yippee for the ANC counts! We pray for you daily and hope you know of our love and support.
Love, Cindy Davis