Playing With The Nurses & Bedtime Snack

It's been a crazy last couple of days. I haven't posted for a while because nothing noteworthy has been happening. We have just been hanging out and waiting for counts to recover. But within the last three days, Adam's hair has started to fall out, he had to have a lesion removed from his hand yesterday, he's had one red blood cell transfusion and two platelet transfusions, and as a nice big juicy cherry on top, Mark has contracted something evil that has made him more sick than he's been in years. Amidst all of this, we are all still ticking--some of us more than others...
I suppose on a whole, the last few days have been tolerable. Hopefully by next post, we will have some good news about count recovery. As for now, we are still at zero waiting with bated breath for any sign that they are on the comeback. Until then, I have included some pictures of some recent activities.
Adam loves to go on walks to say "hi" to the nurses at the nurse's station. Before bedtime, we usually go out to say good night to everyone. He loves to help the nurses and to play with all the fun office equipment at the desk. In the picture below, he's helping Jenn put his name labels in his chart.
After he was done helping Jenn, he had to go help Sarah and make sure everything was okay.
After everything checked out, it was back to the room for bedtime snack. Olives are a great choice! Especially since you can play with them before you eat them.


Susan said...

I wish he was here to eat my olives. Emma coerced me into buying a whole jar so she could try them. She's pretty adventurous, so I was hoping...needless to say, she ate one and then shook her head and told me they were nasty. They're the green kind. What am I supposed to do with a whole can of green olives? If only Adam were here...

Susan said...

That was from me, Susan.

rhead: a contraction for redhead said...

It's an inherent human trait, putting olives on one's fingers.

Anonymous said...

Yum....olives. It must be a family thing. Ethan eats a whole can in one sitting.

You all make us proud. Keep up the good work.

Sha, E-man, Aubs, Linds, D, & Aaron

Anonymous said...

If there is anything I can do to lighten the load (like helping Mark at the house), I am free most evenings. -Troy

We are all praying for Adam's counts to rise and for Mark's quick recovery (and for everyone's health and welfare).

The Henshaw family is truly composed of survivors. Would that we all could share the same determination.

The Whites

Unknown said...

Go Adam!! Love you man! You are my hero!!

Dr. Dave

PS Cool olive fingers!!!