It's Been A Good Day

It's been five days at home now. I think we could get used to this, though, we're going to try really hard not to given that we have to check into Children's National two weeks from yesterday. It is so nice to be home, but I have to admit, a little disorienting at first. Adam wandered around with uncertainty for the first couple of days. He's adjusted to being home quite nicely, but he sure did miss his friends. He kept telling me,"Let's go back to hospital, Mom." And, "Let's go talk to nurses, Mom." Russell is not so sure about this arrangement. He had really gotten used to the quiet and being able to play his games in peace and I think he's feeling a little irritated. Poor kid. Adam can be a really loud handful.
We went back today for an out-patient procedure (which went very well) and after it was over, made our way upstairs to say "hello" to everyone. Adam was still a little dazed by the sedation medicine, but he immediately recognized the nurses on staff. It was so nice to see everyone again. For obvious reasons, we hope we never have to go back as a patient, but we sure appreciate the friendships we've forged. Absolutely priceless.


GoodReason said...

We're excited at all the progress! Can you tell us what email address to send the money to through PayPal? When you hit the donate button, you just go to PayPal, with no indication of the address we need to use to donate money.

Michelle Cox said...

So happy to read a positive report again! I hope you enjoy the next two weeks!