There's No Place Like Home

We were surprised yesterday with the news that we get to go home today!!!!! Of course we couldn't argue. I woke up this morning to find a sweet note stuck to the back of our door. After I smiled at the sweetness of the note complete with helicopter, I started to cry. We are really going to miss our nurses and our staff that have made this stay so much better then we ever thought possible. We were geared up for staying here until it was time to transfer downtown, so having to leave today is more bitter sweet than I imagined it would be. We are so grateful to you, our nurses and staff at Inova. We can't thank you enough for your care and association!!!
Adam has been doing so well that it was decided that he could go home while his counts recovered to needed levels. We are scheduled for an out-patient bone marrow aspiration on Tuesday, and at that point, we will know more about his remission status and what will happen next. Our hope is that he will be in a clean remission and that we can check in to Children's Hospital as planned on the 31st. I have been cleared to be Adam's donor and am very excited and thankful for the unbelievable opportunity to be of service to my sweet boy.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone again for you thoughts and prayers. We have literally witnessed miracles and we credit it to the faith and prayers of each of you who have continued to pray for us. We simply can't put all the gratitude we feel into words.


Anonymous said...


Enjoy your trip home!!!

You are my hero!!!!

Dr. Dave

Susan said...

Hooray! We're sorry you're not at the farm, but happy you can be home!
We love you guys!
-The Autens

Unknown said...

Adam!!! Oh how I will miss u! I am so excited you can go home! You are such a wonderful little boy, you made my day all the time at work with your hugs and your calling out from the door "nurse mary!" aww you are sooo cute. I love you guys, good luck!

mary bradley

Anonymous said...

You are all in our prayers every night. We will miss you at Cousins' Camp, but will iChat with you on Friday.
Grandma Lynne, Grandpa Carl

Brooke said...

Have a great trip home. Good luck the next couple of weeks, and especially on the 31st. Your family is an example of faith and love to all of us. We love you all :)

Michelle Cox said...

Hurray!! So happy to read this news!! Here's a hug from Texas! =O=

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, i miss you so much. Still looking forward to my big..... hug when you come in on Tuesday. Love you baby and stay strong.